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Case study: IBS

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Photo: Alicia Petresc @alice02

I wanted to share a case study from my practice. In this case I have successfully used Easternintegrative® method (rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other holistic health modalities) to treat a patient who came to see me for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If this is a new term to you, IBS is a very uncomfortable bowel condition that typically involves alternating diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, gas and/or various food intolerances.

This patient (let us call her Judy) came to see me with all of these symptoms and had given up hope that there was a solution. She had tried Western medications, dietary changes, and even some stress reduction techniques, yet her symptoms were not improving.

I’m convinced that the effectiveness of my approach is in that I offer a thorough diagnosis and a combination of techniques, treating each case individually. My modality, I call it Easternintegrative®, has a very unique way of diagnosing and treating our chronic health concerns. In Judy’s case, I noticed that she was holding onto a lot of stress in her body. Her shoulders were hunched, her face seemed tense, and even her voice carried the tone of tension. Having in mind the phycho-physiological approach, or holistic mind – body connection, recognized in many traditional medicines, Judy’s symptoms suggested to me that I had to regulate her liver function, as it’s not uncommon for the liver to be the underlying cause of IBS.

After the first session, I noticed a profound change in Judy’s entire disposition. Her face looked more youthful and relaxed, her shoulders were down, she was breathing deeper, and it was apparent that her mind was slower and more at peace. Even Judy made the comment, “Wow, I haven’t felt this relaxed in years.”

This was a confirmation I needed to know that we were on the right track. Judy came back the following week, saying she was still having the symptoms of IBS, but that they were 25% less severe than normally. She was encouraged by this result, though she was still concerned that these symptoms would bother her forever.

During the second session I offered Judy a more intensive treatment and could tell that this time her body was receiving the work on a very deep level. Once again, Judy expressed astonishment by how peaceful and relaxed she felt after it.

Judy came in the following week, saying that her symptoms were reduced by about 75%, which she was extremely excited about. Amazingly, after 2 more sessions, her symptoms were completely cleared, and Judy experienced healthy digestive function for the first time in years.

In her words: “I feel like I have my life back. I can now do the things I have been putting on hold for so long. It’s amazing to feel this way!”

Judy now comes in once a month for maintenance treatments. She still has to minimize certain foods that can cause an inflammatory reaction in her gut, and she has committed to daily yoga practice to help her stress levels and overall health. I think it’s no less important that during and after my treatments, Judy came to realise that she had to take responsibility for her health and really listen to what her body was telling her. Because she was willing to change some of her habits and adjust her lifestyle to support the healing, our work together went to a much deeper level and she was able to reap the full benefits of the Easternintegrative® sessions.

If you are looking for natural health solutions, feel free to contact me so we can discuss your situation and create a plan that will help you the most.

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