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What is auriculotherapy, the health trend everyone is talking about

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM is on the rise and don’t want you to miss out, so we’re getting right to the essence of it with the latest star of a treatment everyone is talking about: auriculotherapy. So what’s auriculotherapy? It’s a bit like acupuncture, but instead of placing needles all over your body the only place that’s being treated is your… ear.

Auriculotherapy is also referred to as ear reflexology, auricular therapy, ear acupuncture, and auriculo-acupuncture. It’s a highly effective complementary medicine method, rooted in TCM and based on the theory that the ear is a micro system reflecting the whole body.

At this point, if you’re an inquisitive person like us, you may want to ask an absolutely fair question: why would I want my ear treated if it’s my back that hurts? Don’t worry, auriculotherapy has got your back, proverbially and literally. It’s also got things like arthritis, acne, weight management, stomach issues, headaches, quitting smoking, anxiety, fatigue, stress and insomnia covered.

Numerous medical studies validated the effectiveness of TMC methods, auriculotherapy included. EKG and MRI scans have finally confirmad what traditional medicine doctors have been saying for ages: that our bodies have electromagnetic field with its measurable frequencies. It’s the Western medical studies that demonstrate there are energy pathways (meridians in TCM) throughout our bodies and that certain points conduct electricity - during the acupuncture but also when needles aren’t used. Massage techniques like Shiatsu massage have been found to generate the same energetic circuits in the body. In the same manner yoga asanas, Qi Gong and Tai Chi are said to increase electrical conductance in acupoints.

So it seems that our ears have much more to them than framing of the head-  they have abundance of acupoints, the points from where meridians extend to certain organs and tissues. Stimulating and directing the vital energy (Chi or Qi) flow through meridians (using needles, ear magnets, ear pellets or manual acupressure) into the areas of your body that need healing, move stagnated energy and restore the body’s homeostasis.

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